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Anne 500 by Circulo



Anne is a 100% mercerized cotton yarn. The mercerization is a process that gives to the fiber a better shiner, softness and increase its resistance. ANNE provides a sparkling result and a soft touch to the final pieces. There are 88 vivid colors to create incredible pieces. It has an ideal thickness for use in fashion pieces. It can be used for making summer pieces with more open stiches and does not leave your piece heavy, when you use more closed stitches for mid-season and winter. In the decoration is mainly indicated for the preparation of table runner, decorative wipes, towel edgings and top cloths, because it has an excellent yield.




Yarn Ne 4/2 - (295 Tex)
Composition: 100% Mercerized Cotton
Length and Weight: 500m, 200m and 65m / 174g, 73g and 19g
Crochet Needles: 1,75mm
Knitting Needles: 3,0mm and 3,5mm
Adjustment for Knitting Machine: 8

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